New Logo of Pepsi after 15 years: In the recent development, beverage giants had relauched their drink under the new logo after the period of 15 years , where the last alteration was in the year 1898. PepsiCo has revealed a new logo that will replace the previous one used since 2008. The new logo boasts a bold, centered “PEPSI” text enclosed in a black-bordered circle, set against a background of red, white, and blue stripes. In contrast, the current logo features the word “Pepsi” in a slimmer font and an image of a globe in more subdued colors. The aim of the logo redesign was to inject the brand with greater “energy, confidence, and boldness,” according to Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo’s chief design officer. The company will start using the new logo this autumn on “electric” blue and black cans and in promotional materials across the United States and Canada. PepsiCo intends to introduce the new logo globally in 2024.

How a marketers will view it?

From a marketing perspective, the redesign of PepsiCo’s logo is a significant move for the brand. Firstly, the new logo’s bold and centered “PEPSI” text, along with the black-bordered circle and red, white, and blue stripes, represents a departure from the previous design’s slim font and muted colors. This change signifies a move towards a bolder, more confident, and contemporary brand identity. The new design is more eye-catching and memorable, which is essential in a highly competitive market. PepsiCo is competing with other soft drink brands, and the new logo can help the brand stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the logo redesign also aligns with PepsiCo’s marketing strategy, which aims to appeal to younger consumers. PepsiCo has always targeted young consumers with its advertising campaigns, and the new logo’s contemporary design can appeal to this demographic. Younger consumers are more likely to engage with brands that are visually appealing, and the new logo has the potential to resonate with them. Additionally, the “electric” blue and black cans that will feature the new logo in the United States and Canada will also appeal to younger consumers, who are attracted to trendy and modern aesthetics. Another potential benefit of the new logo is the positive impact it can have on brand recognition and recall. A logo is an essential visual element that consumers associate with a brand, and a well-designed logo can help consumers remember and recognize a brand. PepsiCo’s new logo is simpler and more memorable, which can make it easier for consumers to recall and associate with the brand. A stronger brand identity can also lead to increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to the logo redesign. The first potential concern is the cost of implementing the new logo across all brand touchpoints, including packaging, marketing materials, and advertising campaigns. A logo redesign can be an expensive undertaking, and PepsiCo will have to invest in updating all of its brand assets to reflect the new design. The cost of implementing the new logo can be significant, and PepsiCo must ensure that the benefits of the new design outweigh the costs. Another potential concern is the reaction of existing customers to the new logo. A logo is a critical element of a brand’s identity, and changing it can alienate some loyal customers who have strong associations with the previous design. Therefore, PepsiCo must ensure that it communicates the reasoning behind the logo redesign to its customers and highlights the benefits of the new design. The company must reassure customers that the brand’s core values and personality remain unchanged.

In conclusion, PepsiCo’s new logo represents a bold move for the brand, and it has the potential to strengthen its brand identity and appeal to younger consumers. The new design aligns with PepsiCo’s marketing strategy, which targets younger consumers with visually appealing aesthetics. However, the cost of implementing the new logo and the potential alienation of existing customers are concerns that PepsiCo must address. Overall, the new logo is a significant development for PepsiCo, and its impact on the brand will become more apparent in the coming years.


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